DOCUMENTA KASSEL 16/06-23/09 2007

Local resident Süleyman Gül supports the documenta 12 advisory board initiative 1+1

On the morning of Friday 27 July Süleyman Gül, owner of Cafe Hurricane in Kassel-Nordstadt, slipped tickets for documenta 12 worth a total of 1,000 Euros into the 1+1 box on Friedrichsplatz. He is the first private donor to have supported the 1+1 initiative by the advisory Board to such a generous extent. The advisory board will pass on the 60 group tickets and 64 one-day tickets to different welfare facilities in Kassel.

Süleyman Gül wants others to follow his example: "People who can't afford to visit the documenta should still have an opportunity to do so. It is my conviction that everybody who lives in Kassel should have been to see the exhibition. It addresses important contemporary issues and questions. I'm making a start, and would be delighted if other private donors in my position also actively promoted the idea and the thinking behind 1+1. The result would be the communal solidarity we are all looking for and all need."
Ayşe Güleç, spokesperson for the documenta 12 advisory board, also expressed the hope that other residents of Kassel will follow this example. She emphasises the widespread expression of interest among local residents who are unemployed and have only received sporadic assistance. The documenta 12 advisory board does not only want to help remove financial obstacles with the initiative 1+1 but also to underline that documenta 12 can be used by all strata of society as a medium and a place for self-education.

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