DOCUMENTA KASSEL 16/06-23/09 2007


For the past two years, students of geography from the social science faculty of the University of Kassel have been busy developing new excursion formats. From the perspective of human geography, they view space not just as a phenomenological or purely formal problem, but also as a product of societal power relations. Their focus here is on the question of the conditions and potentials for making social spheres of action “visible”. By carrying out experimental excursions, the group ExperimentExcursions seeks to explore the currently fallow field of excursion studies theoretically and methodologically and to hone it thematically as part of documenta 12.

Three excursions to the leitmotifs of documenta 12 are planned for the summer. They are being developed in collaboration with the mediating team and the advisory board, and will juxtapose the exhibition space with the urban space. They identify places or situations in which the leitmotifs of documenta 12 become specifically comprehensible. In so doing, they create the preconditions for the “translocal translation process”, which the reception of art demands and which is central to the realisation of documenta 12’s educational-political objectives.


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